Secure Internet of Things

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Security is essential if the Internet of Things is to succeed. However, security on small constrained devices can be hard. The PicoSec project directly addresses this challenge. It is a place were embedded security experts can help drive the future innovations that will be required to support this industry.

Picosec Project Tweets

Security Threats to IoT

David Rogers, the CEO of Copper Horse Solutions Ltd. recently presented at Bletchley Park on some of the security issues facing IoT as part of the NMI IoT Security Summit.  ...

Smart Homes: Dream come true or privacy nightmare?

Copper Horse’s Mobile Security Intern, April Baracho looks at some data privacy issues for the Internet of Things in homes: Smart homes are changing the way we live. More efficient power consumption and connected appliances that communicate with one another are...

The Quandaries of Headless IoT Device Provisioning

Copper Horse’s Mobile Security Intern, April Baracho discusses challenges and methods of setting up secure and usable associations for IoT devices that have no visible user interface.   We are living in a world that is getting to be increasingly interconnected,...

This work is supported by Innovate UK under the  Technology Inspired Innovation Program